Never lead a sensible life,

avoid excessive avarice and greed,

think about sex constantly,

do not stop listening to rock n roll,

never be absolutely positive that your life wont suddenly do a


never decline excitement,

and make sure you are somebody.

Sunday, March 20

Try something Healthy!

I love to eat healthy and try new recipes out.  And my friend just shared with me an amazing easy as pie healthy oats topping recipes for yogurt, toast, oatmeal, deserts and whatever else your heart desires.

5 cups quaker oats
1/2 cup brown sugar ( or less )
wheat germ ( start off with small amounts, aquired to taste)
nuts -  almonds, pecans, walnuts - whatever
1/3 c -olive oil

Mix all together and spread on cookie sheet.  Place in the oven at 170 degrees and let bake for 8 hrs.
If you have to go somewhere you can even shut the stove off and just let them sit in the heat.

This is a basic recipe you can add or leave out as many ingredients as you would like.  I hope you enjoy this tasty treat. 

Another tid bit that I like to do is add raisens to mine but not to the original mix for they will become hard, I keep them seperate in their own jar and just add fresh to my yogurt!

Thursday, March 10

5 important reminders.

Not every problem needs to be solved immediatly.

Everybody else is furiously improvising, so you can too!

Nobody thinks about you as much as you do.

It's okay to piss people off sometimes, especially if there being an (ignoramus)

Nobody tells the truth all of the time, so lower your expectations of people.

"scary themed music plays off in the distance"

Tuesday, March 8

Who doesn't need a catchy aspiring tune for brains of the wise and their young!

Which get's stuck in my head all the time probably because I just found it and my son and I are in <3 !!
He doesn't usually watch Sesame Street either and the other day we just happen to be sitting down together and I put it on and well ....
                                                                                 ...please enjoi the show!

Monday, March 7

Why do you doubt yourself ? Not me, YOU !?

    How could I not share, it's delightfully .. cute !
           ps. to see each image click on them, my page cuts them out for some reason.


Sunday, March 6

Rat Savy.. the gutter type.

Lately I've been trying to add the word 'Rat Savy' to but it's taking forever for them to edit/approve the entry. So I'm going to define it right here right now in my BLOG for the world today! So screw you urbandictionary big bunch of flaming procrastinators, even though I still <3 you!

Rat Savy:  People who live off of society and other peoples taxes/welfare when they don't need to.  They go to food banks weekly when they can afford groceries.  They will steal from their own families and blame others.  They live high on the hog when its all from the best of others. they got there from lies and games.  Sometimes going as far as having more children even if it's with random guys who they know won't stay just so they can stay on welfare.  Rat Savy people are two-faced coniving people who can't even trust the circle of people they associate themselves with.  They gossip about anything and anyone if it makes themselves look good.  They will even lie about CHILDREN if it means making their children more friends.  Rat Savy people can't be trusted.  They suck the life out of anyone sane, decent, and honest. 

Another ex:  (personal example of one Rat Savy person I know) Took a personal loan off of an ex (inlaw) with out asking or talking about it (and would have balls to say its none of their business) !  Nasty buggars - STAY AWAY - i'm warning you now - keep your eyes peeled!!

Other words (by others associated w/ Rat Savy People) :

Bi-sexual (no pun- but they totally will USE anyone)

"I never forget a face but in your case i'll be glad to make an exception"

                                                       dedicated to :  hotdog buns!